15 things to do when parenting gets overwhelming

parenting gets overwhelming

Let’s face it…parenting can feel like the biggest shitstorm out at times and I know for a fact I’d be lying if at times I didn’t feel a bit like the picture above. But as parents, we all have strategies to help us press that much needed reset button when the challenges of parenting get overwhelming. If you’re feeling under pressure, here’s some ways you can stop yourself from spontaneously combusting, as tried and tested by fellow fab parenting bloggers:

Have a break

It’s taken me nearly 5 years of parenting to work out that I need a break from it every couple of months. To have some time to myself to recharge my mummy batteries. To press reset again! I can tell when that is coming as things start to become all too much and I arrange with my husband to have a few hours to myself. Even if it’s booked in the diary a few weeks later, knowing that I will soon have this time, makes such a difference to me. – Dear Bear and Beany 

Have an early night

If the day really has been way too much, I have an early night. I just need to be on my own. I’d just take it out on my poor husband if I tried to be sociable with him. Maybe a bath first! – Five Little Stars 

Go outside

Get outdoors. Now. At any cost. Even if nobody’s brushed their teeth, whatever, get outside and the whole atmosphere changes. – Baby Foote

Have a cry

Crying it out makes the world of difference. Never hold it in because it just mounts up. – New Mummy Blog 

Make it a movie night

Mattresses on the floor and a movie night for the kids. It means no bedtime arguments, they relax and I open a bottle of wine. We have junk food, laugh and have lots of fun once a week. – Emmys Mummy 

Have some retail therapy

Hit the shops…without the kids of course! Having time to browse and buying a few treats. And of course stopping for a spot of lunch is essential. I still normally end up buying stuff for the kids though! – Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Head to the beach

When things get too much I head to the beach. The combination of driving over there and then pounding it out along the sea front listening to the waves just helps give me a moment to breathe! – Devon Mama 

Go for a bike ride

If my husband is at work and I can’t get alone time then we head outside on our bikes – I  strap the 3 year old onto my bike (in his seat of course!) and then the 3 of us go off for a long cycle in the country. I love the fresh air and wind in my hair, plus the kids can’t argue when cycling! – Monkey and Mouse


Find something for you all to laugh at. Nothing better than having a giggle to change every ones moods for the better. – My Boys Club 

Stick on some music

Stick on your favourite tunes loud and have a dance party right there, right then. The kids will love it, you will love it. Everyone will smile and laugh. – Nomi Palony 

Have some girl time

Get the girls together for a party night, wash your hair and put on something lovely, and go out for dinner and cocktails and embarrassing mum dancing around your handbags, and just be YOU for even just one night. – Five Little Doves  

Call in the grandparents

Hand them over to nanna and grandpa for a few hours, put your dressing gown on and curl up with a good film and the hubby for a few hours. Even in the middle of the day we do this sometimes! – Two Hearts One Roof 

Hide in the toilet

Tell everyone you need a poo and vanish into the bathroom for 10 minutes and you won’t be dealing with anything until you are out or answering any questions shouted or on notes pushed under the door! Although apologetic mis-spelt notes from 6 year olds can usually diffuse any tension… – The Brick Castle 

Have a glass of wine

There is a reason why mums talk about their love of wine and the countdown to wine o’clock – it’s amazing how much better you and everything else can feel after a single glass of wine! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Have a moan

If things get overwhelming it’s good to have a moan to your mum friends. It’s good to talk about things and then you realise that everyone else is going through the same trials and tribulations! – Entertaining Elliot 

15 things to do when parenting gets overwhelming

So what do you do when parenting gets overwhelming? Any of the above, or perhaps you have something to add to this list. Do share in a comment below.

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  1. Ooh I quite fancy doing all of these today! I like to head off to a nice cafe with a magazine when I get the chance to (and it’s too early for wine!) 🙂 #coolmumclub

  2. An early night is a lifesaver but its something i alway forget and end up staying up too late! Wine and a moan #coolmumclub

  3. Oh lovely! I agreed with all of these! Especially go to the loo! It’s my number one hiding place! Thank you for such a great post!
    Liz x

  4. YES! This is all great advice! I often take a break every couple of month too, it is about as long as I can go without dumping them at the grandparents for 24 hours and letting loose (in a boring, subdued mum style these days). And music is a good one here too as it lifts the girls moods as well as mine.

  5. I am a mom of three-2 of them are girls-one is 16 and the other is 9. I am ALWAYS overwhelmed! If I hide in the bathroom…they find me!!! I have found the only way to get a “break” is to start cleaning. That is when they leave me alone.:)) #coolmumclub

  6. A post we all need to read now and again! I had a shocker of a week last week but I find a break in routine really helps – however or whatever that means.

    Sending a big fat #coolmumclub high five, thanks for being the best co-host and enjoy the week off lovely!

  7. Oh yes parenting is very overwhelming at times, you can feel lost in it all. It is good to have plans to step away from the situation to give you a clearer head to think at a later date X #coolmumclub

  8. Pretty much agree with all of these. I definitely think getting outside helps everyone as does laughing and dancing! And of course, you can’t argue with a glass (bottle?) of wine and some retail therapy! Thanks for hosting #CoolMumClub xx

  9. We regularly have dance parties at our house 🙂 they total relax everyone and we have such fun 🙂 #coolmumclub

  10. Agree with all of these!! Especially getting outdoors – Taylor’s like a caged animal if we haven’t left the house by 9.30!! Great suggestions lovely x #coolmumclub

  11. I try to have time out when I can, but that nagging Mum Guilt is a bitch!! Always ruining my peaceful coffee! #coolmumclub

  12. I frequently hide in the toilet, or say I’m off to tidy or put clothes away upstairs and then just lie on the bed for five minutes. If I can’t do that then a dance party round the living room generally helps everyone’s mood x

  13. Definitely some of the above. I like to go to bed earlier than hubby and get lost in a good book. Go shopping on his day off but usually end up buying something for the girls! Of course going outside is natural for our family. #coolmumclub

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