50 + blogger tips on blogging, vlogging and social media from #BML17

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Phew! What a weekend! For those of you have missed it and wondering what on earth went down at Brit Mums Live 2017 I have been super speedy and put down all my notes for you from the sessions I went to so you too can be the font of all knowledge. Whether you’re looking to up your game as a influencer or vlogger, or own it with the Insta flatlays or as a Pinterest queen – here’s everything you need to know from the sessions I went to:

How to be an great influencer

  • Build your brand and make it consistent
  • Treat your blog like a business
  • Network! – get offline and be present at events and launches in the flesh and seek to build partnerships
  • Be the first person to break a story, review a product etc.
  • Write listicles
  • Be controversial
  • Write posts from the heart
  • Spend time crafting your headlines
  • Be your own PR! pitch stories to other publications and network with journalists
  • Make sure in partnerships with brands that you have a built in agreement that they will share your deliverables
  • Always consider whether and how a partnership will help you before agreeing to enter into one
  • Beat the social media stagnation by tagging your blogging tribe in Instagram posts and reverse engineering your best Facebook posts into future posts

How to boss it on You Tube

  • Have a weekly schedule and have consistency in style. Sustainability is important so don’t do daily vlogs unless you know you can keep up with it
  • Consider You Tube Live (streaming) to get content up without having to edit
  • Think about who you are appealing to – be more targeted rather than trying to capture everyone
  • Find your unique voice to cut through the crowds
  • Ask questions about what your viewers want to see, consider using pollcards for this too
  • Consider planning your year ahead in an annual vlog plan
  • Consider block shooting – shoot all your footage in one day and have content ready to see you through weeks
  • Improve your discoverability by covering trending events – cross reference Google Trend
  • Use recaps at beginning of videos and linking back to old videos for new audiences
  • Start collaborating with other vloggers! It’s a powerful way to grow your channel (but don’t just do it for the sake of it – you have to want to co-create)
  • Love what you do and do what you love – your audience feels it and knows it!
  • Don’t be afraid to make something even if you’re not sure your audience will like it….try it out!
  • Wondering when you can start implementing ads? It’s from 10,000 views. Know that advertisers pay more over Christmas
  • Be sure to look over your channel from the audience’s perspective once every six months. How does it look? Does it need reorganising?

How to make money

  • Go to brands with ideas and sell, sell, sell!
  • Filter out low paid jobs
  • Step away from the freebies
  • Take risks and invest in yourself
  • Write detailed pitches
  • Offer a menu of all the things you can bring to the table when talking with brands
  • Ask for payment for attendance

Style your Instagram

  • Who cares if your picture is a cliche – post it anyway!
  • Write engaging captions – funny, touching…make somebody feel something
  • Use the shadow, brightening and sharpening editing tools on Insta – this makes your photos pop more! You can also use A Colour Story app for editing.
  • Get lots of different coloured card from Hobbycraft for your background, get wallpaper & lino samples to cheat a background
  • Use your clothes as background
  • Always ask for a window seat if in a cafe/restaurant or good outside
  • Create an Insta prop box
  • Keep an eye out for great outdoor locations
  • Get over your embarassment and get into the picture!
  • Experiment with different angles
  • Alternate between cleaner images with more busy ones. Use Mosaico app to plan your grid.
  • Use contrasting colours & look behind what you’re shooting
  • Bank shots and upload them later

Be a Pinterest queen

  • Pinterest is all about connecting people with their interests – it’s about planning. Add and curate your content with that in mind. Usage is 54% people planning for everyday moments vs 33% planning for big moments
  • Consider restructuring &  renaming your boards for niche interests e.g. slow cooker recipes not just recipes
  • Don’t add more than 15 pins at a time – subsequent pins that day won’t be shown to anyone
  • Start using rich pins! – you can get the embed code from the Pinterest business site. While you’re at it convert to a business account – it’s free
  • Start pinning Christmas content now (yes, really!)
  • Use hashtags – yes even in Pinterest! – pop them in the pin description but only for new pins of your own (don’t both backdating they won’t be picked up)
  • Use Pinterest for brand partnerships by curating content on a board on behalf of a brand or creating a pin a brand wants to promote.
  • Remember Pinterest is a long term platform so it can take a while for results to trickle through!

50 + blogger tips on blogging, vlogging and social media from #BML17

PHEW! Hope some of those nuggets of information will help you in your influencer journey. I think my brain just fell out of my ear….



  1. Talya I read these last night when they popped in to my inbox and have printed it off because yes I love a bit of paper to refer to and because I missed out on BML. So many things to do! Thanks for acting as private secretary for us all. #coolmumclub

  2. This is an amazing post! I have sat with a post it pad making an epic to do list! Its so helpful when you make conference lists for us unsociable hermits that never go anywhere! I really need to get my Pinterest butt in gear! #coolmumclub xx

  3. Ooh reading this was like being there all over again! Top of the class Talya you totally nailed it on capturing the key points!
    I got so much out of this year, and not least from chatting in person with some of the #coolmumclub crew – legends!


  4. Thanks for sharing Tayla, so for much for us all to put into practice and to learn about. As s newbie to both vlogging and blogging these posts are very helpful, so please keep us updated on how you’re getting along with it all too! #coolmumclub

  5. I imagine that some of these are transferable across the social media platforms right? Thanks for sharing your notes with us. I made the rookie mistake of forgetting a pen to my first official event! #coolmumclub

  6. This so much handy info in wonderful bitesize pieces – I love it! Thank you for sharing everything you learnt (or noted down) instead of keeping it close to your chest, you are great! #coolmumclub

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