7 ways to add value to your home

add value to your home

Are you wondering how to add value to your home? Undertaking projects that will add value to your home is usually a good move whether you’re thinking of staying put there for a while, or selling in the near future.

Whether you’re thinking about a small makeover, or a bigger project, here are some ideas to consider which will likely add value to your home:

Upgrade your windows

Double glazing is something that pretty much everyone expects in a house these days. If you haven’t installed double glazing in your house already, then this is the sort of thing that will easily add value to your property. Double Glazing Essex can help with that!

Convert the loft

A loft extension is a reasonably good value way of adding extra space and rooms to your property compared to if you were to execute a whole extension. In addition, a loft conversion doesn’t usually require planning permission – hurrah! According to a survey by sellhousefast.uk, a loft conversion adds £23,754.57 on average.

add value to your home

Add a bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom is always a great way of adding value to a property. That’s because as you probably already know, the number of bedrooms heavily influences the amount your property can sell for. If you have one larger bedroom, you may consider splitting it into two smaller ones.

Have a quick makeover

Adding value to your house needn’t be a big project. For example, we recently updated our kitchen for a modest amount by simply replacing the tired, dated tiles and stripping back and sanding our floors. It really made all the difference. You could also consider the option of installing beautiful European oak engineered wood flooring.

add value to your home

Update your bathroom

There is nothing worse than a tired, dated and dreary looking bathroom. Thankfully, bathrooms are pretty quick and easy to update these days. You could consider replacing the toilet, bath and or sink units; updating the lighting; installing underfloor heating or upgrading your shower system.

Makeover your garden

We may not get to spend as much time in our gardens as we’d like to in the UK, but having a nice looking garden really makes a huge amount of difference to a property. Our was basically dirt when we moved in. We put in a new patio, some structural borders, relaid the lawn and put in a new shed in ours. You wouldn’t recognise it now! The bottom line is, having an attractive garden makes your property more appealing to potential future buyers. And is also nice for you to enjoy too!

add value to your home

Give your exterior a refresh

First impressions count, and if the exterior of your property is looking tired, this does not a good first impression maketh! Consider replacing fences and tumbledown brickwork, repairing and repainting walls, having a nice front pathway put in (we are eyeing up a Victorian one!) and adding some greenery. If you have room, you could even go all out with the addition of a porch!

I hope you enjoy these ideas on how you can add value to your home. Remember – you don’t have to do everything at once. We usually pick one project a year to undertake. That way it all seems so much more manageable both in terms of time, finances and disruption!

Are you looking at ways to add value to your home? Do share in a comment below. You may also enjoy these articles on how to update boring walls and how to make a dark room feel brighter.


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