A letter to my child’s teacher: here’s why you’re great!

In two and half days time, the end of year one will be here. I genuinely feel so sad that we will be waiving goodbye to you – our child’s teacher – Mrs C.

Over the last year, I have been fortunate enough to go into the classroom, help out at special school events like sports day, and on school trips. Every single time I have been so lucky be a fly on the wall and witness all that is fantastic in a teacher. And all of that is 100 percent embodied in you.

It’s not easy keeping just under 30 small human beings engaged and in line for 7 + hours a day, day in and day out. And still you always have a smile on your face when you meet us at the door at home time.

You are awe-inspiring

Your patience, attention, love and acceptance is awe-inspiring. It’s so amazing to see how you make the children feel special, and how you see the potential in every child – always embracing their reality and never judging it.

They say that a great teacher is truly the biggest blessings in a child’s life. This year, my daughter E was so lucky to truly experience that with you. We had some tough times throughout the year, and I can not thank you enough for working in partnership with us to overcome the social struggles we experienced.

Inspiring life long learning

Thank you Mrs C for inspiring life long learning in my child, my E. Your creativity, enthusiasm and selflessness knows no bounds. Your heart is big enough to love all of the children that are in your class – even the more challenging ones (yup we know which ones they are)!

Thank you for creating a safe and nurturing environment, and instilling values of kindness, honesty, perseverance and showing our children how they can make the world a better place.

Thank you for helping my daughter on the journey to realising the person she hopes she will be.

We will miss you!

You are going to be a very tough act to follow as she moves up to year 2 and waives goodbye to you and says hello to another teacher.

Because you are truly amazing!


What would you say to your child’s teacher? Do leave your thoughts about your child’s teacher in a comment below.


  1. Teachers leave a special mark in our children’s lives, and so it is nice to tell them that they are appreciated. Lovely words.

  2. What a lovely letter! We’ve been lucky with our teachers so far, but it’s always a little sad when we have to say goodbye and move on to a new one.

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