Why you’re never too old for a birthday party

birthday party

Hey, happy birthday! Fancy a birthday party?
Facebook has been sharing your birthday with your contacts since as far as we can remember. As long as you agree to share the correct information, you’re sure to receive at least once a year thoughtful messages from your cyber friends. Nowadays, the social media platform has introduced a variety of fun and vibrant backgrounds for your text, so you’re likely to receive your birthday wishes with a few rainbows or unicorns or even balloons. But is a message on your Facebook wall enough to get you excited about your birthday

The answer to the question is no. You can’t rely on social media communication for birthday entertainment. However, counting the likes and x’s in the feeds has started to replace the typical birthday party for grown-ups. Most people refuse to throw birthday parties. Some claim they don’t have the time to organise such events. Others worry about disturbing friends and relatives. In my book, it’s basically a really good reason to finally live out my life long dream of getting all my friends in a
360 photo booth!

The truth is that we all can find excuses to avoid birthday parties. But the real reason why grown-ups hate parties is because they fear they are too old to celebrate another year. We’ve all heard the joke about having more candles than cake, and we’ve grown used to it. We assume that birthday parties are only for children. But here’s the thing: birthdays parties are for everyone. If you need a good reason to invite your relatives to your next party, here are 6 reasons why you should celebrate: 

Reason #1: Cakes

Cakes are the best thing about birthdays; they are a little indulgence that makes the day enjoyable. After all, everybody likes a sweet treat! However, if you opt for the grown-up way of celebrating, you might just be stuck with a glass of wine and a lemon sorbet dessert. While there is nothing wrong with those, you probably know that your inner child would choose chocolate cake every day over a calorie-friendly sorbet.

If there is one day in the year where you should forget about your healthy diet, it’s at your birthday. There is nothing more appealing than starting the day with a slice of cake!

However, baking your own cake can demand elaborate skills, without mentioning specialist equipment. Did you know that the lack of baking skills in British society is behind the decrease of cake parties? Sure, you could buy a mass-produced cake from your local shop, but would it do?

If you’re not a confident baker, you can ask a cake expert such as Anges de Sucre cakes to create a mesmerising, sweet sponge surprise for your big day. Vegan-eaters needn’t worry; there is plenty of fun cakes, including a unicorn theme! 

Reason #2: No, you never have everything you need

Writing a wishlist for your birthday is easy when you’re a kid. The entirety of the toy shop would do. But, as an adult, you are more difficult to please. You need far fewer things. More importantly, you’re likely to have already bought everything you needed. So, aside from a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, you rarely receive anything of interest.

However, your birthday gives you an excuse to invest in yourself. Sure, you might have everything, but have you considered new lingerie? What makes lingerie a great birthday present idea? First of all, your body changes all the time. You should ideally get measured every year. Additionally, putting on some new and elegant lingerie in the morning can make you feel like a princess. Spice up your birthday wishlist with a new kit! 

Reason #3: Celebrate yourself

With birthdays come high expectations, whether you like it or not. There is an existential fear about getting older. Are you closer to the person you wanted to be? Are you leaving your true self behind as years pass? Is every year bringing you closer to the inevitable end? Scary thoughts, of course, could you deny having them as the dreaded day approaches?

On the one hand, you want to feel special. Your birthday is a celebration of your life. But it is also a reminder that life is fleeting. As you grow older, birthdays can become something you fear. But it’s essential to change your perspective.

A birthday is not about how many candles you put on the cake. It is about you. Celebrating what makes you and using the day as an excuse to make new experiences lets you create memories to cherish. Make a bucket list and use each birthday as an excuse for ticking something off the list. 

Reason #4: Because you’re alive

Of course, there will be new wrinkles. Of course, you’ll discover grey hair where there used to be none. But it’s what birthdays are about. You get older. Year after year, you grow and change. One day you were a child, and now you’re wondering if you always had these lines at the side of your eyes. You can’t stop time. But you shouldn’t fear it. Embrace the thin lines or the unwanted strand of white hair. Getting older is not a bad thing. It means you’re alive and rocking it. 

Reason #5: It’s an occasion for a gathering

When was the last time you saw your best friend? If your grown-up life stands in the way of staying close to the people you love, it’s time to address the issue. Throwing a birthday party allows you to invite your friends and relatives and spend some quality time together. Indeed, according to social life and longevity studies, people who keep in touch with their social relationships are more likely to live longer. it’s enough to convince yourself that your party is a matter of life and death! 

Reason #6: Birthday parties are a great excuse to play

Last but not least, when it comes to games and play, Unfortunately, games this is rarely a feature in a typical grow-up lifestyle. You could also use your birthday party to reintroduce them. Murder Mystery games are always a favourite. Alternatively, you can create teams around a game of Pictionary. Laughter guaranteed! 

In conclusion, it’s time for adults to make peace with the concept of birthday parties. You deserve to indulge a little!

Are you the sort of person who loves a birthday party or do you want to run and hide from the idea? Do share in a comment below.


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