Celebrating amazing REAL mums

Followers of Motherhood: The Real Deal know that I have always been about REAL mums (clue in the name there!). In today’s modern society, the pressures to be a super mum are now stronger than ever – from the way we should be giving birth, to our feeding choices, how and when we should go back to work, how to parent and everything in between. The list is endless!

But the reality is no matter what we plan or strive for, most of it never works out as we (or others!) hope or expect and the reality is, we all just muddle through and do the best we can. This is why I absolutely love the theme of renowned photographer Billie Charity‘s new book: Lockdown Light.

Billie is on a mission counteract the slew of unrealistic social media pics we are bombarded with daily of airbrushed supermums – the kind without baby sick in their hair, suitcases under their eyes from two years without sleep and a baggy jumper thrown on from the bottom of the wash bask. In her new book Lockdown Light she celebrates real mums in all their eclectic, unfiltered beauty.

The pressure to be perfect

She says, “9 out of 10 mums feel the pressure to be ‘perfect’, and it’s not surprising. As a mum to two daughters, I know full well the pressures we feel from the unrealistic, airbrushed ‘perfect mum’ images depicted in the media. At a time when mums are at their most vulnerable, images like these are so damaging for self-esteem and body positivity.

Throughout my photography career, I have always been drawn to people, exactly as I find them – this is where real beauty is found. That’s why it’s so rewarding for me to photograph and celebrate mums in all their eclectic and unfiltered beauty. And it’s so important too to stop the self-criticism, for our kids as well as us!”

Our kids were little beacons of joy and light through the unimaginably dark time of the pandemic, which brought so much anxiety and heartache. It’s a pleasure to share some of my photographs celebrating amazing, real mums here.”

I am sure you will agree these photos are just such a refreshing celebration of real mums and motherhood with no filter needed.

Billie Charity is a professional photographer and author of new book Lockdown Light, priced at £25.

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