5 ways playing the ukulele boosts your child’s creativity

playing the ukulele boosts your child's creativity

*This is a guest post 

As a ukulele playing lover, I couldn’t resist when I was approached about a guest post about how playing the ukulele boosts your child’s creativity, and so now take it away…..


Playing the ukulele offers incredible benefits for your child.

Children playing musical instruments in general can have additional perks, such as improved coordination and self discipline. Playing music can also have surprising and significant benefits on your little one’s creative juices.

The ukulele, in particular, is the perfect vehicle to do that!

The ukulele and your kiddo

A ukulele is an adorable little instrument, and most kids cannot wait to get their hands on them! That, in turn, makes it easier for your child to want to practice.

The more your kiddo practices, the more he or she reaps the benefits of improved creativity! Also, ukuleles are affordable and easy to learn to play.

A typical guitar has six strings, but a ukulele has just four strings, which are a better fit for those little creative fingers. The music can be quickly learned, and your little musician will be off and running playing easy ukulele songs for kids.

How a ukulele can spark creativity

There are five specific ways that playing the ukulele can boost your child’s creativity. Let’s dive deeper into them:

1. Improve concentration

Multiple studies have shown that playing music helps to improve concentration. With greater concentration, your child is able to focus better and thus create more. This improved concentration can enable your child to stick with a task or creative process and see it through.

Increased focus can also result in better products and more brainstorming, especially with all of those increased neurological pathways we will discuss in the next point.

This alone is reason enough to just get one online from the comfort of your home as Talya mentions in point #17 in this article.

2. Create new connections in the brain

Playing music, as opposed to merely listening to it, can rewire brain chemistry. Researchers have evaluated people who were taking math tests and those who were playing music.

During the mathematical examinations, PET scans showed increased activity only in the area of the brain devoted to math. While playing music, however, PET scans looked like a fire work display with multiple areas lighting up in each musician’s brain at the same time.

This brain fiesta can occur inside your child, too, and spark the creative process. More brain activity means more neuronal connections available to create!

Playing music can create fireworks in your little Beethoven’s brain as new pathways light up. Increased brain pathways and additional neuronal connections inside a mind allow for quicker brain impulses and idea generation.

Accessing different portions of the brain at the same time also gives individuals the opportunity to tap into more brain power.

3. Increase memory

Playing a ukulele can have a profound effect on your child’s memory. Playing music trains the mind to remember more items as well as more quickly.

This means that your little creative genius will keep his or her ideas stored a little longer and not let slip away. Ever have a great idea, forget to write it down, and feel like it’s lost forever?

The memory boost from playing music could significantly reduce that aggravating phenomenon in your kid! A great memory is an important asset in the creative process.

4. Improve self-esteem

A recent study in New Zealand found that playing the ukulele can encourage positive attitudes in children and generate sympathetic behavior towards others.

Those positive feelings boast self esteem and allow kids to be more confident in what they’re creating. As children build positive relationships with others, they tend to feel more sure of themselves and in what they’re attempting.

A confident child is one who is not afraid to express themselves both in and out of the music room. That can mean the confidence to attempt new things and be a spark for creativity.

The ukulele is also a very social instrument. Most students of the ukulele are encouraged to help other students who may be struggling.

This increases the self esteem of the child who is doing well and gives him or her the opportunity to find ways to help teach others. During the teaching process, your child has to create ways to help another.

The more your little one practices finding creative ways to help others, the better he or she will be able to tap into those creative juices.

5. Encourage self-expression

A ukulele is a great venue for self-expression.

Your child can play a variety of genres with the ukulele, and it gives little minds a chance to show off their individuality. It’s a great idea to hand a ukulele to a spirited child, you might be amazed at what they can come up with.

This platform to showcase who they are and who they are becoming gives them an outlet for their creativity and helps you as a parent get to know your child better.

Traditionally, the ukulele is associated with Hawaiian music and culture, but there is a growing interest in playing the ukulele. The increased use of the ukulele in various styles of music opens up many avenues for your child to express himself.

Wrapping it up

Music is an incredible boon for creativity, and, armed with a ukulele, it can make an amazing difference in the life of your child.

As your child studies his craft at the ukulele, you can see improved concentration, increased memory skills, and solid self esteem.

This leads to creative self expression and new neuronal pathways in the brain, which can change and benefit your child throughout his or her years.

This guest post was written by @Eduardo_Uke, a pretty happy and easy going guy who blogs and teaches everyone from kids to seniors how to play the ukulele. Subscribe to his email list at EasyUkuleleSongs.com to get his ebook “5 Beginner Ukulele Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!).

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