How to be more involved in your child’s education

involved in your child's education

Being involved in your child’s education is an important step in developing your child’s unique skills and their own understanding of their passions and interests. Parents should aim to be involved in a child’s progression as it’s important to their sense of awareness and development for a host of reasons.

To help you become more involved in your child’s education, here are some tips from this prep school in Surrey.

Pay particular attention in parents’ evenings

A lot of parents’ evenings can feel like they merge into one, but they are really important for you and your child’s progress. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down with your child’s teachers and find out what’s working and what isn’t, as well as provide teachers with reassurances.

Teachers similarly can help you by giving you important pointers that will help your child in their general studies. There may be particularly weak areas that your child has in which case you can work with them exclusively on these skills and help them improve.

Get involved where you can

A lot of schools have regular events and activities that involve students, and the parents are always more than welcome to come down and have a look. You can get a real insight into how your child is doing in their studies and in general development just from watching them play a sports game or take part in a theatre production for instance. These things can help you understand your child’s skills and where you can see their strengths.

Have regular conversations with your child

A simple catch-up would be more than sufficient for you and your child at times. There will be quieter times in your child’s studies where you can have a chat with your child often and gauge how they’re doing in school. Similarly, your child can use these chats as an opportunity to discuss weak points in their studies and ask you for help and support.

Do homework together

To get a real good understanding of your child’s work you can always offer to see how your child is doing with their homework. A lot of parents can leave children to their own devices when they’re looking at their homework, particularly if they’re older and more responsible, but it can still be an added bonus if your child sees you want to pay attention and see how you’re doing.

Having that moment to work on your child’s homework with them can also make you realise how much work your child is managing each week and how that can be managed better.

Show your enthusiasm

Make your voice known when it comes to your child’s education. If they’re aware that you want to hear all about your studies then they’re more likely to engage in conversations with you. The more you show your enthusiasm in front of your child the more likely your child is to explore what they enjoy learning and get you involved in the process. Your child is also learning to appreciate what they’re taking in from their lessons if they’re able to involve their parents in their journey.

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