Here’s how to feel more confident in helping your child with schoolwork

helping your child with schoolwork
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Do you feel unconfident about helping your child with schoolwork? If the answer is yes, then you are certainly not alone. Apparently a quarter of parents don’t help their child with homework ‘for fear of embarrassment’.

This is something I can totally relate to. So many of the concepts which my daughter brings back with her from school are totally newfangled, or I am damned if I can find just the tiniest snippet of them in my mum brain from what feels like a lifetime ago!

I particularly dread the idea of maths which is my Achilles heel. I was always in the bottom class in maths and just about scraped through anything numerical throughout my education. Well hey, I am a writer! But I can’t let my daughter even get a whiff of that, can I?

Having said that, primary school education is about building a strong foundation for future learning. If there are gaps in their learning this can have a knock-on effect later in their education. So what can we self-conscious parents do to overcome our lack of confidence in this area?

Thankfully, with my daughter soon to be entering Key Stage 2, I have discovered a new ally when it comes to getting my brain around what she is learning at school and being confident enough to support her with that. And just in the nick of time!

Introducing AE Publications

If you haven’t heard of AE Publications yet then here’s what you need to know. They are a one-stop-shop for your child’s Key Stage 2 (English and Maths) and 11+ preparation needs with a series of workbooks, testbooks and testpacks.

With 20 years of publishing books to support these two crucial stages, over 120 titles and all books classroom-tested, they are the perfect partner in helping we-the-parents support our children to reach their full potential without feeling embarrassed about not knowing how to do it!

helping your child with schoolwork

A closer look at the books

The books are really well laid out and easy to follow, with clear explanations and examples that essentially coach both the parent and child through the exercises contained within. They’re perfect for Google parents (I confess I am one!), who sometimes don’t have the confidence to help their child with homework or know how they need additional support.

We all know deep down that Google is not the best way to support our children’s education – it can be so piecemeal can’t it? AE Publication’s books, however, are simple to follow, fun to work through and take you through each topic with practice questions. My daughter absolutely loves them! But don’t just take my word for it – you can read what other parents had to say on Trustpilot.

helping your child with schoolwork
helping your child with schoolwork

A word on cost. At £8.99 workbook (the one we are working through has 80 pages), including a Certificate of Achievement a the end, the books are extremely affordable and well worth the small investment for your child, and yourself. Even better – when you buy a bundle then the cost per book increases, with free delivery on orders over £15.

You don’t need to hire a tutor!

So you may be thinking your child needs additional support, but that you don’t have the confidence or perhaps time to give it to them. I get it. But AE Publications titles are basically a tutor in a book!

They are the sort books your child can work through at the kitchen table whilst you’re catching up with the domestic scene around them, or even beside you and your laptop while you’re clearing those emails. The books really do make you feel like you’re winning in life as a parent. And as we all know how expensive tutors can be, can help you save the money you might otherwise be forking out on that front.

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Additional tips for feeling more confident in helping your child with schoolwork

I thought it would be useful to share some of my tips for feeling more confident in helping your child with schoolwork – as someone who has keenly felt the pressure on this front and had to battle my own demons! so here goes…

Talk about it first

Open up the conversation about what they are learning at school, and any particular challenges they are facing or areas they find tricky.

Have a great tool kit

We’ve already established that Google is actually not your best friend when it comes to supporting your child with their learning. Invest in some books from AE Publications instead!

Have a routine

In our house, homework is done as soon as we get home from school. I find it’s good to get it ticked off straight away, letting the kids do whatever they like afterwards. However, all children are different and some may need to unwind first before hitting schoolwork. Sunday mornings are also earmarked for working through our AE Publications workbook in our household.

Be encouraging

Children light up when they receive praise. Don’t forget to praise them for their hard work, or an improvement in a particular area, how well they concentrated or their handwriting and presentation.

Use rewards

Every child likes an incentive. To make homework more rewarding, offer them small everyday rewards like getting to watch their favourite movie, having a friend round, choosing what’s for dinner, taking a trip to the park or whatever your child likes to do.

For more information

For more information on AE Publications’ range of books visit They also have some really helpful videos on their YouTube channel including why tutors use their books when tutoring. Finally, follow them on Instagram, Twitter @AE_Excellence and Facebook.

Have you been feeling unconfident about helping your child with schoolwork? Do you think AE Publications’ books could help your child to feel more confident and support them with their learning? Do share in a comment below.



  1. Oh man, I’d be so nervous of the dreaded maths homework!! It’s good there’s ways of helping the parents feel a little more confident.

    Katie xoxo

  2. These are great ideas and resources! Luckily my two are only in the first years so so tricky homework yet, but I have noticed how much things have changed since I was at school!

  3. The books sound like they would be useful for parents and children. It’s important for us to feel confident when trying to help our little ones learn as this makes it easier to support them when they are struggling.

  4. These are a great idea! I have found that the way my son is being taught is different to the way I was taught so these would be really useful to help me understand the way he does it so that I can support him

  5. I struggle with Maths, the way my youngest is being taught is different to how I was taught. We reach the same answers but she has to lay it out and show her workings out which is where I become a bit confused. I often go to her teacher. We have a few workbooks for basic maths understanding. These books look interesting though!

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