Live in the country? 5 ways to make the most of your countryside views

Many of us dream about life in the countryside. What could be better than waking up in peaceful surroundings and marveling in the beauty of countryside views? We imagine that a lifestyle like this will be packed full of staring out windows and getting lost in the nature that’s so sorely missing from city living.

Sadly, many of us who do have the benefit of countryside views don’t make the most of them. Like anything, we come to take those scenes for granted far too often. It’s a crying shame, but your country life needn’t be lacking for much longer. In truth, there are some simple ways to help you start enjoying (and appreciating) countryside views once more. And, we’re going to consider them here.

Replace your windows

Too often, thick window frames or old glass stops us from even being able to see what’s in front of us. If you haven’t replaced your windows in a few years, then it’s no wonder you’re struggling to make the most of those spectacular sights. Luckily, this problem has an easy answer, and it comes in the form of replacement at last.

There are now slimline windows on the market that offer up to 12% more glass than standard options. And, you know what that means? 12% more view every single time you look out the window! As soon as the installation is complete, you should find that those thin windows transform the sights you assumed you knew so well. You’ll certainly struggle to walk by without at least a little admiration at the majesty surrounding you!

Get on top with gardening to avoid obstruction

Even with thin windows in place, there’s no guarantee of those countryside views if your garden hedges and more are obstructing things. Instead, you’ll look out on a tangle of bushes and unruly garden additions. Nobody wants that!

Instead, open up those views for full appreciation by getting on top with gardening at last. Trim your hedges or hire someone else to do it, and make sure that you keep trees etc. pruned to reveal the best gems your surroundings have to offer. Get started with this, and you may even find that you’re able to uncover stunning views you never knew existed! It doesn’t get much better than that for full countryside appreciation.

Make the most of mirrors in the house

Believe it or not, making the most of your views isn’t all about looking outside. It also pays to consider decor in your house, namely your use of mirrors. Think about it; a well-placed mirror on the wall opposite a striking window scene can reflect the countryside right into your home. As well as adding light, these additions are sure to help you see that view from near enough anywhere you are at home. Even if you don’t fancy staring out the window, then, this will give you that countryside fix. Pair this method with the thin windows we mentioned at the start, and you can bet views will take on an entirely new meaning to you.

Find ways to frame your windows

Even once you’ve invested in thin replacements for views like you’ve never seen before, it’s worth thinking about ways to frame your windows moving forward. This is the ideal way to draw the eye and make sure that you, or any guests you invite into your home, can’t help but stare at those stunning country landscapes.

Luckily, there are many options for getting this right, including investing in new, eye-catching curtains, or even just decorating window shelves with flowers and other stunning ornaments depending on your tastes. These efforts will incorporate your windows fully into your home and bring those striking views into your life as a result.

Take time out to appreciate

Sometimes, making the most of the stunning sights around our homes is about little more than taking time out to appreciate them. Once you’ve got the right windows, removed obstructions, and taken care of the rest, be sure to sit back and enjoy. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory in your Surrey home.

Take time each morning to look outside while drinking your coffee. Or settle down in front of windows with a good book and be sure to glance outside sometimes. You could even take up photography or painting to open your eyes to what’s in front of you. Either way, you’ve laid the foundations. Now, it’s time to wake up and really see what you’ve been missing for so long!


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