#MyFiveThings by Two Tiny Hands: 5 things I never thought I’d do as a mum

things I never thought I'd do as a mum

Hi, my name is Karen and I blog over at TwoTinyHands.co.uk.  My life changed forever when my partner Dave and I had our son who we affectionately call the Robot.  It was when I fell pregnant that I realised I had a couple of very clear parenting decisions.  I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I was determined and succeeded.  I also knew I’d never use a pram, official baby wearer here!  There are just a few things though that I’d never really thought about until they actually happened.


Yep, start with a biggie, I didn’t even think about it prior to having him.  I honestly thought the Robot would happily sleep in the cot. I knew that there would be a shock for him being separated from me but I hadn’t realised that he would cry that much! Definitely a first time Mum illusion. Yes we both slept together, not for long, but it helped us both get some sleep!  Even now we get a sneaky night cuddle from time to time.  Heck we even have day cuddles too!

Baby group fear

The first 6 months of the Robots life I lived in baby groups.  There was one group on a Friday I was struggling with, I’d been persevering with it for some weeks.  No one talked to me, no one was interested, there were toddlers everywhere and apart from the free cake it didn’t make me happy. One morning I just walked past, I couldn’t do it, put on a brave face. I walked past and haven’t been back!

Seatbelt off in the car

We got stuck in closed motorway traffic, it was standstill for ages. The Robot coped so well. It wasn’t till we were stuck on the little side roads that, shock, we got him out the car seat and he sat on my lap. At most we were doing 10 mile an hour, single track lane, following other cars. The Robot loved it, a new experience for him. I clung on tight and kept reminding Dave that, clearly he’d forgotten, Robot wasn’t strapped in!

things I never thought I'd do as a mum

Using washable nappies

This is one of Dave’s suggestions.  We have a stash of washable, we were pretty good at using them at the start.  We probably lasted full time for 2-3 months.  Dave agreed to wash them, I hung them out, we had a system.  Then we went on holiday and we used disposable out of ease.  Then I discovered the ease and slowly we had mixed days until about 6 months.  Now at a year old and with a wriggle bum of a baby we’ve stopped the washable altogether.  Maybe I should give them a go again… Maybe not.

Lose interest in sex

This one took me by surprise.  I thought a little bit of me would want it.  It’s been the last thing on my mind.  I had stitches from labour too so it hurt, for a long time.  Put this with the lack of sleep too and ta da, no sex here! Well sometimes!

What things did you think you would never do as a mum which you do now? Do any of the above ring true? Do share in a comment below.

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