Winter woe: Winter pet peeves of this time of year

winter pet peeves

I have to say…I find winter somewhat challenging…I think I was always made for warmer climes and this is the time of year I dream of living somewhere else in the world. So as winter approaches, the nights draw in and the temperature drops, what is it that people truly dislike about the colder, winter months? Check out this round up of pet peeves and strategies to survive the brrrrrrr of it all courtesy of icount.

It’s time to hunker down

“I make my home more cosy. I do big grocery shops and cook in bulk, so I am not stressed with having to venture out for winter food shopping. I indulge in a good coffee to brew at home with cosy throws for those dark morning wakeups. I invest in good cold weather clothing for myself and my child. I also look into family winter activities, so that we have things to look forward to. Lastly, believe it or not, I make it a personal mission to walk for at least 20 mins every morning. It actually warms up my body and gives me a chance to take advantage of the morning sun.”

Shorter days

“Winter months make me feel like I am being cheated out of time. The days are shorter and they feel shorter with less outdoor activities, darker skies and gloomier weather. I take magnesium citrate powder to help boost my mood naturally. Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral. Serotonin, the feel good brain chemical, depends on magnesium for its production and function.”

Hibernation is the only option

“This time of year is when the weather in Britain takes a turn for the worse and we start feeling the pinch. The days get shorter and the dark draws in much sooner, which makes you feel like the best option is to hibernate at home and not re-emerge until at least Spring. You have to start turning the heating on at home (costly!) and as Christmas is looming you have to buy people presents (also costly!)”


“It’s spider season, so we we find loads in the house which means we have to spend more money on kitchen rolls (yes – really!) because we run out from general use and catching the spiders.  I am often found doing last minute kitchen towel runs to ASDA!”

Chilly commutes

“I don’t like leaving the house early when it’s dark and getting home when it’s dark – especially if the weather is bad and you don’t get out for a walk in the middle of the day. Also getting home to a cold house and having to constantly be switching the heating on and off just to heat the house for one person – I sometimes just have the heaters on in the rooms I’m using.”

Crazy changeable weather

“I don’t really like the fact that sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s warm. It’s difficult to know what to wear when the weather is so changeable.”

Feeling the cold

“I don’t like paying extra for bills and the fact that Christmas starts in October. Coats are on constant rotation and waking up and it’s dark. That could be the worst thing ever – or getting out of the shower when the house is freezing.”

Bills bills bills

“It appears that a lot of people are concerned about the rise in heating costs during Winter, and it’s one of the biggest peeves around this time of year. Heating your home is a crucial part of the winter months and budgeting for the rise in the cost of your bills is imperative, not only to keep toasty warm but to afford manage the cost of Christmas too. It’s important to prioritise the cost of bills first, to then decide how much you can afford to spend on Christmas – your health comes first and affording your heating bill will go a long way to keep you warm and healthy.”

Which of the above can you relate to the most? What really gets your goat about this time of year? Do leave a comment and share below.

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