Parent cliques: How to deal with feeling left out

parent cliques

It’s one of those things that do absolutely nothing for your mental healthparent cliques. So many parents can feel like once the children start school, this is the perfect opportunity to meet other parents, but some parents can feel that when they take their child to the school gates, the notion of parent cliques and groups comes back up again, resulting in flashbacks to our their school days of being excluded. And you may think that school parents are more mature to realise that cliques are something that should be left in the schoolyard, but if you are feeling the full force of parent cliques and feeling left out as a result, here are a few things to consider. 

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Think About Your Anxiety Levels

The fact is that you don’t need this level of anxiety in your life. You may think that because your child is sharing a class with other kids, you would automatically get on with the parents, but a lot of parents don’t want to engage and already have their own groups. So rather than feeling like you are left out and anxious, control the symptoms of your anxiety. The great thing is that now there are plenty of options these days. You could weigh up the benefits of CBG vs CBD to control your anxiety, but also think about your breathing and understand that you don’t need to get stressed out about these things. 

Find the Warmer Members of the Group

You are not the only parents that may feel like this. Sometimes, there are groups of parents that congregate together and your joining in makes them cold and unwelcoming. But don’t think you are the only one that’s doing this. The reality is that many parents can feel like this, and finding one other receptive parent could be all you need to have a pleasant conversation in the morning. 

Also, you may want to think that the reason that these types of school mums actually get together is that they were in the same position as you. Ask yourself if you really want to hang out with a clique? It’s something we all think we are more mature enough to deal with, but sometimes there is that feeling of being left out that makes you feel like you are missing out on things. But is it really worth your stress hanging out with people that you have potentially nothing in common with apart from the fact that your children go to the same class? It can be difficult to feel that sensation of being left out, but remember, you are there for your child. 

Change Your Perception

Sometimes we can go into situations based on how we felt when we were in school. If we were left out, this is something that we don’t want for our children, and the reality is that we’ve got to be self-aware. Sometimes we can benefit from being a stronger version of ourselves and realising that if we are seeking acceptance by wanting to be in a clique of sorts, is this going to benefit us? It’s not easy handling parent cliques, especially if you would like to make new friends, but you have to remember you are there for the benefit of your child, not yourself.

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