Time for some mum pampering at New York Laser Clinic + MediSpa

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What do you think of when you think of Baker Street? If you’re a mum reading this, then probably the prospect of queuing for an age to get into Madame Tussauds, but happily, the exact polar opposite of that experience exists in a nook of oasis just a stone’s throw away in the form of the award-winning New York Laser Clinic + MediSpa.

Providing world leading, revolutionary skin and body treatments using the latest technology in an uber relaxing environment (think treatments in a zen-like cave dotted with Buddhas), you can forget the snotty reception that you might imagine receiving at such an establishment – instead, expect a friendly relaxed clinic with a welcoming environment making you feel at ease in an instant (phew!).

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My visit to the NYLC + MediSpa Baker Street was going to be all about the face – namely my tired mum one which was looking a bit like this and needed some serious TLC….

tired mum needs pampering

The order of the day was facial rejuvenation, and this is one clinic who certainly knows how to re-power up your visage.

I was treated to a mini yet fabulous version of their bespoke medical facial at the extremely masterly hands of Nadine using Dr Schrammek products….and quite honestly, it was one the most heavenly facials of my life. I swear her hands must have been made of silk. In fact, I think I may have experienced euphoria at one point, probably during the 15 minute facial massage which was included in the facial. What had I done to deserve this I wondered? Oh yes, I remember now…I had undergone the trials and tribulations of being a mum!

Apart from a mind-blowing facial massage, the treatment also included a double cleanse with Dr Schrammek’s Super Soft Cleanser, the application of a herbal care lotion, followed by Dr Schrammek’s Gel Super Purifiant. My therapist expertly massaged Mela White Serum and Cream into every pore using pressure point massage to relieve some of many areas of tension, before finishing the facial with some much needed Blemish Balm.

Once the facial had finished, I took the mandatory assessment of my face, and actually wondered whether it was my own. I had visibly shed about ten years off my mum face, and was wondering exactly who this hottie staring back from the mirror was…I pinched myself and realized that….yes, it was me, as the outside world verified once I left the spa as they lavished remarks about how “radiant” I looked, and I felt and looked as fresh as a daisy…and a little bit like this…

best facial London

Thank you NYLC + MediSpa for turning the hands of time back on my face on that fine day. At time of writing, a week on double fast forward and sleepless nights have not been able to knock that glow off my semblance. And that is worth its weight in gold in my book.

If you’re looking for some pamper time, have some skin concerns and are either London-based or bound, I would highly recommend a much deserved detour to the award-winning NYLC + MediSpa Baker Street. Much better than a day out at Madame Tussauds any day of the week.

***NYLC + MediSpa is located at 34 Paddington Street, London W1U 4HG. Facials start at £50. For more information, other locations and prices see their website here.***

*This post is in collaboration with NYLC + MediSpa. All opinions are my own. 



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