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what motherhood means

Welcome to the 42nd issue of the #beingamother project, where we explore what motherhood means to us all. I am really excited to welcome Kate from LesBeMums to the series, as our first take on motherhood from a two mum family’s perspective. You know that moment when you realised that….holy crap…you were a mum! It’s this that is the focus of this instalment of the #beingamother project so take it away Kate…

meaning of motherhood LesBeMums

It was a warm Sunday lunchtime. We were sat in a pub garden. One of our favourites. S had a cider, and I had an orange juice and lemonade – I was driving. We’d done this plenty of times before, however this time it was different.

A plastic train suddenly came flying in my direction. Just missing the drinks, it bounced off me and hit the floor. The bruised arm from squeezing through furniture to retrieve said train was when I realised, I’m a mum.

Giving the train back to its owner, I carried on with my drink. But this was short lived as a short cry indicated that hunger was imminent and patience had not yet been acquired. A few cucumber chunks and sticks of cheese later was when I realised, I’m a mum.

Sunday lunch came. Three plates this time. Roast beef with all the trimmings for me. My favourite. Out of nowhere, a little hand attached to a little fork decided to start exploring my plate. A roast potato was swiftly stolen, followed by some Brocolli. Knowing I will no longer ever have a whole Yorkshire pudding to myself was when I realised, I’m a mum.

Multitasking my way through conversation, we found room for dessert – I’m pretty sure trifle doesn’t come with a hand print or left over peas from lunch. Watching the wife share her already small portion of ice cream was when I realised, she’s a mum.

Packing everything bar the kitchen sink away into our enormous bag, remembering to chase after an escapee before it pulled an unsuspecting dog tail, and then attack it with a baby wipe, was when I realised, I’m a mum.

Walking away from our favourite pub, two in tow; one more rowdy than the other, the other ready for a nap after a hefty lunch and two ciders, was when I realised, I’m a mum. But more so, a family.

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  1. Love it, when I laid back on the carpet to relax for a moment whilst playing on the carpet I was suddenly jumped upon and shouted “aeroplane mummy aeroplane”… I realised I had to lift her with my legs and make aeroplane noises… Yep I’m a Mum xxx

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