Must-read pregnancy self-care tips for looking after bump & yourself

During pregnancy, your body is going through many changes and however busy you may be, taking some time out for regular pregnancy self-care is vital for both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

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Quinny Baby Stroller Review

When it comes to self-care, there are many things you can do. But actually, the biggest act of pregnancy self-care can come from doing nothing.

What I mean by this is remembering to just stop and rest. Do this for at least 20 minutes once or twice a day – and don’t feel guilty about it.

Pregnancy self-care: Why is rest so important?

Whether it’s using this time to listen to hypnobirthing audios or some guided meditation or just practicing visualisations, taking time to have a lie down and completely relax your body and mind have been shown to have a number of benefits, particularly during pregnancy.

These include better sleep, anxiety and stress relief, reduced tension, positive labour preparation and a lower risk of postpartum depression.

You could also take this opportunity to listen to music or read a book; anything that makes you slow down for a short time and feel more relaxed is beneficial.

How to optimise your physical wellbeing through pregnancy self-care

When it comes to self-care, it’s also important to think about movement, such as incorporating simple stretches into your daily routine, and healthy eating.

Make sure you are eating a balanced diet – including lots of highly nutritious foods – and drink plenty of water – at least two litres a day – to stay hydrated.

One of the most important things you can do to look after yourself during pregnancy is to see a manual therapist, whether that’s a chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist, who will be able to help your body deal with the changes it’s going through.

As a qualified chiropractor, with extensive experience in treating pregnant clients, I know that many women are unaware they can access treatment from a manual therapist while pregnant or that their postural and exercise habits can help prepare their body for labour and help prevent common causes of back and pelvic pain.

Furthermore, it is likely that pregnant women may develop varicose veins anytime. If you notice any sign of varicose veins during pregnancy, it is recommended to visit a specialist. And if you’re living in one of the big cities in the US, finding a vein specialist in Phoenix, LA, Chicago, Boston, and more may help in finding out about the treatment options available.

Child birth should be a positive experience but many women find it frightening and daunting. There is so much that can be done to reduce the risk of intervention and traumatic births, but many women don’t even know they can play a proactive role in improving their chances of this.

Having a product such as the Belloost Home pregnancy pillow in your home can help to give you the support you need during pregnancy.

It acts as a great physical reminder to rest, as it’s something you can use to lie and relax on, and also helps with stretching out the muscles in your spine.

You can also slide the insert under your bump or between your knees to make you more comfortable whilst lying on your side.

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Pregnancy self-care spa treatments

Often when we think of self-care, it conjures up images of luxury spa breaks and hours of free time for long pampering sessions. Although they might be off the agenda right now, there’s no reason why you can’t bring a touch of spa luxury into your home.

Using dedicated products designed to support wellbeing through pregnancy, such as the organic and vegan Belloost Belly Spa Kit, can enable you to enjoy a full pampering ritual wherever you are.

From running a bath containing the pink magnesium salts – designed to encourage relaxation, relieve pain and cramping and improve circulation –  to rejuvenating your skin with the luxurious rose clay belly mask, you and your bump can enjoy some precious time out, without even leaving your bathroom!

Applying a massage product, such as the Belloost Boob and Belly Balm, can also be a great way to carve out a few moments of ‘me-time’, even when you don’t have time to complete the whole spa experience.

For busy mums-to-be, finding time for yourself during pregnancy can feel almost impossible.

But especially in the current climate, it’s important to think of pregnancy self-care as a necessity rather than a luxury and take some time out to focus on you.

Even just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference to how you feel.


  1. some great advice there, also learn some breathing techniques for the birth, I managed to give birth to 2 x 10lb babies with no painkillers just using breathing techniques, it works!

  2. I found it comforting to have a nice foot massage and plenty of moisturiser to smooth the skin to make it soft xx

  3. im pregnant with my first so any tips greatly received. self care is important though as ive had a lot of pain so its good to take the time to rest where possible

  4. I think taking time out for self care also helps you realise what an amazing thing you are creating and help you realise how important it is for some down time.

  5. Some great tips on here! Healthy eating is so important, relaxing with your feet up and having foot massages is also important if your feet swell or ache

  6. I wish I had had these tips when I was pregnant. I have a friend who is currently half way through her pregnancy so I’m going to share these tips with her.

  7. Really good tips here, it’s so important for us to look after ourselves throughout pregnancy

  8. There is so much more and better information available at the moment about pregnancy, childbirth – and everything! All expectant mums should take the time to read posts like this to ensure they are looking after themselves and making the most of this special time.

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