Style tips for mums: A Q&A with The Style Nurse

Style tips for mums

It has to be said that I DO love a bit of style, but like many of you reading this, I am probably more concerned with getting the fam up and organized in the morning then what style (if any!) I happen to be rocking. But for all those mums wishing they could rock a little bit of mama style, I’ve teamed up with my awesome friend, stylist and fellow mama Karen aka The Style Nurse for some tips and tricks on how we can inject a little style back into our lives….

How can mums re-discover their sense of style? And what bearing does this have on their confidence?

I would say social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration. Pick a few fashionistas whose style you admire and follow them closely for fresh new ideas and they will hopefully encourage you to try out some new trends too. If you look good, you will generally feel good so making an effort will also give you a great confidence boost.

How can mums keep things real but stylish?

Style tips for mums

Stay true to yourself, if you don’t feel like yourself, you won’t feel confident in how you look. Your wardrobe should inspire you with pieces that reflect your personality and lifestyle, therefore keeping it real! Know your individual style and what suits your bodyshape.

For mums with little time, what style tips do you have to offer?

  • Invest in a capsule wardrobe with versatile key pieces that you can multi wear. You should be able to style most things in your wardrobe at least 3 different ways.
  • Have a good honest clear out and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year.
  • Things that you’re not sure about, give them a wear and if they don’t do it for you, it’s time to go!!
  • Know your shape and style so that you can shop better to suit you.
  • Invest in classic pieces by buying the best you can afford – buy less, buy better is my motto
  • Update your wardrobe with seasonal trends from the high street.

What are your 5 stylish wardrobe essentials for the busy mum?

  • A good pair of well fitting jeans – can be easily dressed up or down
  • A blazer – great for a smart/casual look
  • A biker jacket – dress down a look that might otherwise look too overdone
  • Comfortable flat shoes/trainers – save the heels for date night
  • Cross body bag – hands free to run around after the kids

What shopping tips can you give to busy mums for:

a) Online shopping:

A hassle free returns policy that is quick and easy is always a winner for me.

b) Offline shopping

Know what shops suit your individual size/bodyshape, and also the particular styles they are offering.

Colour – eek! how can we wear it?

If you are afraid of colour, try by introducing a splash to begin with, like a yellow pair of shoes, a pink bag or even  just a red lippy. Build it up as you feel more confident, without hopefully looking like a clown! Pinks and greens are still big news and yellow for the coming summer months. Knowing what colours suit your skin tone also helps a lot.

What about patterns?

Again, it’s all about trying something new within the realms of your own personal comfort zone. Patterns/prints can be quite seasonally led so not necessarily something to invest in, but more a case of adding a seasonal trend here and there, which you can do quite cheaply on the high street. The botanical trend is big this year and I’ve also been noticing a lot of pineapples around.

Style tips for mums

Are you trying to inject some style back into your daily life? What do you think of the above tips? Do leave a comment and share.

Karen aka The Style Nurse is a former nurse with a keen eye for style and a life long passion for fashion. She retrained as a fashion stylist and image consultant at both the London College of fashion and the London College of Contemporary Arts. Continuing to help people, just in a slightly different way, she is passionate about encouraging her clients to feel good about themselves, look good and feel good. Follow her on Instagram here for your daily dose of wearable fashion inspo!


  1. Oh how my work dress code has changed now I’m full time freelance. Last year I was high heels and dresses for work but there’s no need for that in the kitchen come computer desk world. I need all the help I can get so I’m off to the Style Nurse’s IG for inspiration!

  2. I love these tips! I’ve recently started to create a capsule wardrobe. Not only does it save money and stress when choosing what to wear each day, but it makes shopping so much easier. I don’t splurge buy as much now, I’m more careful with the pieces I pick. x

  3. It’s definitely time for me to clear out my wardrobe- there are definitely a few in there that I didn’t wear for atleast 3 years! Loving the tips and they are very useful! I understood the value of having a well fitting jean only when I Recently got one after going up a size – don’t have to lie down and pull that skinny jeans hard enough to go up the thighs 🙂

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