15 awesome blogging tips to blog more efficiently

blog more efficiently

Despite what others may think, being a blogger is damn hard work. It’s all on you, and you’re often trying to fit blogging around a bajllion other things – whether it be work, looking after your kids or general adulting. That means that as a busy blogger every minute counts. So with that said, I’ve asked the great and the good of the parent blogging world to share with us their blogging tips to help every blogger out there blog more efficiently. So if you’re struggling to get everything done, or you’re finding that blogging is always playing second fiddle, you need these blogging tips to help you blog more efficiently in your life! So here we go:

15 awesome blogging tips to blog more efficiently

Have a to-do list

To-do lists are your best friend! Make a plan for the day and try to stick to it but don’t beat yourself up if everything doesn’t get done. – Me Him The Dog and Baby  

Dictate it!

Dictate blog posts to a notes app on your phone when you’re washing up, driving, walking back from the school run… (I use Google Keep – which syncs with my laptop). Then you can edit the post in your blogging program and publish! It saves me so much time! – Scrap Book Lives 

Make time to blog

Make time for yourself. There is always something else you could be doing with blogging, so it’s vital to take regular breaks and have something that forces you to walk away from it sometimes, so you don’t burn out. You will be more productive in the long run, if you don’t become jaded from too much uninterrupted working. The cinema is brilliant for this, as you can’t even use your phone, so there’s no way you can end up sneakily working! I play snooker with my son sometimes, as there’s no signal in the snooker hall! – The Parent Game

blog more efficiently

Avoid distractions

Write in a word processor to not get distracted by things online! – A Mum Reviews  

Get a VA

Get yourself a VA and delegate!! Mine is a god send and I’m not sure I could juggle it all without her! – Five Little Doves  

Set yourself a challenge

If I’m struggling, I set my self little challenges and tasks. I.e Write 300 words before I’m allowed to touch my phone or make a cup of coffee. It’s surprisingly how quick you can write when you need caffeine! – Rock and Roll Pussy Cat 

Play to your strengths

Know when you do things best! I can’t write a blog post very easily during the day but by evening, I could write an article on anything! During the day, I work on the admin side of stuff that I really can’t face at night time. Maybe it’s just me but I know when I can do certain jobs best so don’t try to push myself to change. – Living With A Jude 

Max out on templates

Have standard email replies / templates you can copy and paste, with your fees etc instead of typing it out time and time again. – Twinderelmo

Keep calm

Try not to stress. The beauty of blogging is, if it all becomes too much, you can step away for a bit. – The Incidental Parent 

Try time blocking

When it comes to working during the day, I work in 30 minute time blocks. Every morning I write a to do list including every tiny thing I need to do that day. I then write next to each item how long I’m assigning to that task (e.g. 15 minutes, or 2 hours). Then I put each task in the half an hour time slots so I know the time I’m going to work on something and how long I need to focus on it for. I’m so much more productive when I do this. – Life Unexpected 

Plan your day

Keep a plan in mind for that day or week. If you haven’t got much work on, focus your time on social media or admin. Don’t worry about those quiet times, use them to your advantage to get other things done. Use one day for jobs, another for writing and another for promoting etc. There is so much to think about in blogging that it can be easy to become bogged down or overwhelmed. By setting targets and being organised you can stay focused where you need to be. – Emma Reed  

blog more efficiently

Take a break

If you’re finding it too much, take a little break and then sit down and write what you need to do. Starting with the most important ones first and then just work yourself down the list. You could also set an ‘out of office’ on your email until you finish your list. – Life As Mum

Separate the personal from the professional

When you’re a busy blogger, every minute counts, so try not to get sucked into any personal communications like emails or whatsapps unless they are really urgent. The last thing you want to be doing is using your allocated time for blogging replying to personal communications so ignore them all until you’re finished. – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Honour thy admin

Keep on top of admin tasks. Broken links, finance spreadsheets etc do these frequently and they are a small job. Leave them and they turn into a big time consuming job. – Dear Bear and Beany  

Just say no

Learn how to say no. If it isn’t going to benefit you greatly and is going to be more hassle than not then say no. Also make sure you give realistic time frames so brands know what to expect and you don’t get overwhelmed. – Mummy In A Tutu  

Well I hope you all found those tips helpful, and if you’re a blogger reading this striving to be more efficient and productive then hopefully taking some of these tips on board will help you get there! Looking for more blogging advice? Check out these game changing blogging tips to help you get to the next level and apps every blogger needs.

How to blog more efficiently

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  1. Some brilliant tips here. I don’t have much time to blog so had to find ways of being super efficient. I sometimes allocate a certain about of time to different tasks. And setting up templates makes things so much easier and more efficient!

  2. These are such great tips. I need to get much better at being organised because it can be a bit overwhelming trying to get everything done around my “day job”.

  3. OMG, I really need to dictate! I’m always writing posts out in my head, and by the time I get to write it down, I’ve forgotten or get distracted! #coolmumclub

  4. Some pretty fabulous tips here – I’m definitely a sucker for distractions! hence why I am now squirrelled away in my #CoolMumClub office to make sure this to do item is done tonight 😉
    Thanks for the tips Talya! #CoolMumClub blooging guru!

  5. Some great tips here, I think its important to remember it isn’t possible to do everything every day so I like the tip about doing admin at quieter times #coolmumclub

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