Getting your life in order mum with The Instant Pause


Hands up who out there who feels like they could do with a day off the hamster wheel that is life to do some soul searching and getting your life in order?

If you’re sitting there reading this and nodding along as I’m pretty certain as a frazzled mum you probably are, then come and join me as I share with you a recent one day retreat I went on…aptly named..The Instant Pause.

On a rare gloriously sunny summer day I headed deep into the countryside of Hampshire to a yurt in a field where I would have a very good reason to stop (for once) and reflect on my life, and its direction – namely The Instant Pause.

getting your life in order mum

Aimed at all those transitioning in life (step up all mums!) – whether it be returning to work after maternity leave, or those reconsidering their career options now their children at school, those yearning for a shift in direction, or perhaps hoping to get involved in a new venture of sorts – The Instant Pause run by coach Joanna Jacobs is a joyful and reflective one day MOT which gives you the head space to finally focus on all those questions burning within.

Within an intimate group, the day unfolded with two exercises at its core – the morning with an exercise that helped us to look back and review your year. In the afternoon another exercise that encouraged us to look forward through the creation of a vision board and set our intention for the year ahead.

getting your life in order

Yurt 4

I won’t give too much away about the nuts and bolts of the exercises but let me tell you now – having the space to look back over the year…or in my case 3-4 years and reflect on the highs and lows, and patterns within that was hugely illuminating and clarifying for me. When else would we ever have the opportunity to do that as busy mums? In  a word, never.

In the same vein, as a mum I find myself lurching from one day to the next in a crazed fight or flight flurry so once again having the space to create a vision for the year ahead was not only hugely cathartic, but also empowering and invigorating and was absolutely worth its weight in gold.

Needless to say, I walked away from the day a much better version of myself than I could ever have hoped to have be. With clear goals in mind and a mapped out path ahead, brimming with confidence. I can’t remember the last time I felt like that. Definitely never within the realm of motherhood thus far that’s for sure.

A whole day to reflect on the events past, and the future. A whole day to reflect on you without someone screaming in your ear or hanging off your leg. An incredible setting, a wonderful facilitator, lovely company and delicious food throughout. No this is not every mum’s dream, but the reality of The Instant Pause. And it could be yours too.

And so finally I’ll leave you with these words which I now carry with me everywhere…

getting your life in order mum

Watch out world, here I come.

The next Instant Pause will be taking place on 19th November in Newbury. For more information on  upcoming Instant Pause retreats hosted by Joanna Jacobs Like the Flexible Futures page here.

*PR collaboration. All opinions are my own. Photos courtesy of Flexible Futures.

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  1. Wow… Might sound sad but I genuinely welled up when I read this… I had a terrible upheaval in my life when I was pregnant and it’s been a whirlwind!! 2 years later I’m trying to find myself and follow my passions… Inspiring other mamas to do the same… But a gay of peace and self reflection is RIGHT up my street <3

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