Where’s your Mommitment gone? Let’s end the mum wars…

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One woman is trying to pull another out of the car.

How you birthed, how you fed, whether you lost the plot or not, if you went back to work, if you stayed at home, if you were super duper or lost the cape, if your relationship survived, if you choose to parent this, that or the other way, if you’re a single mum, two mum mum, teenage mum, late life mum….

Judging judging endless judging.

One-upmanship, bitch-manship, wiping the floor with my judgement of you-manship.

When did we have to push every mum around us down to the ground in order to feel better about our own mother self?? Are we really all that insecure that we need to cut each other down, exclude, isolate, gloat and generally be bitch faces in this motherhood gig?


We need a commitment.

Yes, we need a commitment. A MOMMITMENT.

Motherhood is supposed to be the greatest leveller, still it operates as its own microcosm of social layers and judgements to compete with any royal court back in its heyday.

Where did the sisterhood go? When did we start having to decide whether we were going to eat or be eaten in this whole motherhood thing? Being a mother is enough of a daily battle without entering into a war with other mums. Sheesh, like being a mum isn’t hard enough already.

We need to make a commitment. A MOMMITMENT. To all other mums. To honour. To uphold. To support. To be absolutely non-judgemental. We need a MOMMITMENT manifesto to stop being so god damn high and mighty and be real about this insane journey that is motherhood. We are all women. We all had children. And we are all in this together. For better, or worse, and far worse beyond that.

For all the challenges we have each encountered on our own motherhood journey, a mutual understanding must be borne; a decision to support must be taken. Because this is not all about you. This is about ending the mum vs. mum struggle. This is about MOMMITMENT.

And so what it comes down to is this: I hereby support the MOMMITMENT campaign and commit to focus on the struggles and joys of motherhood without passing out judgement, and to support them regardless to how I feel about any personal choices they have made along the way.

Do you join me in this wonderful and worthwhile MOMMITMENT?

If you want to support the MOMMITMENT campaign sign the petition to end the mum vs. mum struggle here and follow them on Twitter here.
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  1. Great post and I just followed on twitter. I wrote a similarish post a while back. I don’t get all the judging either. I like the idea of a mommitment 🙂

  2. I am with you on Mummitment (Aussie version) because I think the it comes back to the if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. So judge me because I will definitely do things differently to you but keep your mouth shut! Love it. #momsterlink Mel xx

  3. You said it mum-sister! *Fist pumps air and shouts you go girl rather embarrassingly* Great project and well needed, still need to visit next life no kids – will do this week #effitfriday

  4. Motherhood is a great leveller in so many ways if we let it. You are so right there is so many emotions running high that in certain situations it can feel very judgemental which is such a shame. Great post. 100% with you Talya

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